Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Invasion

My brother, his wife and their 6 kids arrived here on Wed. July 1. Followed by the arrival of my parents on the 2nd. We have a total of 16 people in the house and it is crazy!! Nathan has enjoyed playing with his cousins. I know he will miss them when they leave and I will here the complaints of how he "needs" a brother. We had a good time with everyone and were sad to see them go. Highlights from the weekend were swimming in the pool (the neighbors were out of town), the boys enjoyed Super Mario brothers, Annie's birthday, the girls playing hide and seek, lots of eating, we all enjoyed playing with Rosie the rabbit and the Guinea pigs, scratchy and scruffy. Kayla and Annie were ready with clips to "fix" my hair. We had a great time with our family and look forward to their next visit. I know Nathan can't wait to see the boys again.
What mess??
Where's Claire? Gram and the girls
Nice hair!!
personal pizzas
Happy 7th Birthday!!
confetti eggs
Mmmm, ice cream sundaes
Yes, that is John flying over Ben, no photoshopping required!!
James was swimming even with a broken foot!!
Yes, we gave the kids golf clubs to play with !!

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