Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on Sally

Sally is good, she sleeps during the day and wakes up to play about 7 PM and then I will hear her throughout the night tearing around the house. She is surprisingly VERY patient with the kids, but I can tell she is settling in more because she is fighting harder to escape Kayla's death grip. Kayla LOVES Sally and wants to hold her ALL of the time Sally enjoys to be pet and chase the string, but does not like to be held, and by held I mean forced to stay in one spot for as long as Kayla sees fit. Emily enjoys playing with her as well and wants to do everything her big sister does with Sally, she will pick her up and put her arm under Sally's front paws, kind like what you see in a cartoon and carry her around. Never a dull moment around here. I have found that if I use Sally in the morning to wake up Nathan and Kayla they are much more pleasant to deal with. Nathan has been showing more interest in her lately. He is ready to let her go if she shows signs that she wants to be put down. However this then results in Kayla and Emily chasing her all over the house until she is either caught or escapes into the garage, her safe place.

"hiding" behind the door

I found you!!

You have to imagine Kayla telling Emily to "stop, put her down, she doesn't like that" Not that Emily is listening to her, but if she was and had put the cat down, Kayla would have scooped her up in a matter of milliseconds.

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