Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Again, Home Again...

Sally came back yesterday. I received a call from the animal shelter and they said she was better and I should come get her today so that she does not get sick again. I thought and thought tried to talk to Paul, but he was away from his office and I decided I should go get her. She is home and the kids are SOOO happy to have her back. She is better, wanted to play last night, purred a lot and sat on my lap never trying to run away. She is nervous around Emily, not that Emily is ruff with her, Emily is just 2, which means quick movements, and she is loud. Sally has not left the bathroom where the litter is, temporarily, her food and water and her "bed" (an old comforter). She still has a few sneezes so I am watching that, but will wait and see how things go...


  1. Good luck Friend! Cross fingers I haven't had to part with a loved pet and then explain this to the girls. I do not look forward to that day. Sally will get some extra prayers for a full recovery.

    Love you,

  2. Hope Sally survives! How is she doing a week later? It sounded like she was at death's door.