Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Arrival

Today after many hours on the Internet and going to a few PetsMart's and animal shelter's (the politically correct way to say pound), we have finally found a kitten for the family. We found her today at an animal shelter about 45 minutes from our house. She is a sweet little girl that would come to the front of the cage when you called her, but would stay in the corner sleeping the rest of the time. She was always purring and just has a face that makes you want to love her. She is somewhere between 6months and 1 year old. We will pick an age or the vet will give us a better idea when she goes for a check up in the following weeks. The kids are in LOVE!!! Kayla and Nathan especially can not get enough of her. I do feel bad because I feel like we have given them a new toy and said look, but do not touch!! They just want to play with her, but she needs to explore and figure things out. She has tolerated the kids very well, will come when you call for her and loves the attention, she will also run a way when it suits her as well. She is getting use to the house and trying to figure it all out. She is a VERY loving kitty always purring except for when I gave her a bath. I had to, in the pound the cats are crammed into those tiny cages and their only place to sleep is the litter box. It is very disgusting. I keep calling her a she because we have not come up with a name, although in Nathan's mind she WILL be called Sally. I am kind of partial to the name of squeakers, because that is what she sounds like when she meows. Kayla and Emily are not too picky as long as they can hold her and pet her. Here are a few photos of Sally (we all know that Nathan will win)...

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