Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kayla!!

Monday was Kayla's 4th Birthday!! Unfortunately she was sick and laid up in bed. I took her to the doctor for her 4 year old check up and she was given 3 shots, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The nurse did feel bad for having to have to give her 3 shots so she gave her some band-aids, gloves and a tongue depressor to take home to play doctor with her dolls. Then she went to school and when I picked her up from school she was not feeling very well. She felt sick in the car and with nothing to give to her to throw-up into, I gave her Maddie's blanket, that way she could at least try to contain it. When we got home I put in a movie for her to watch and hopefully fall to sleep. It worked she fell asleep and and slept practically all night. I kept her home from school the next day and while she was feeling better, she was not great. Kayla did throw-up in the car on the way home from taking Nathan to school, luckily I had a cup in car just for that situation. I have learned to keep a Joe's cup handy when a child is ill (I will tell you about that in another post). She took a nap that morning and was feeling much better after her nap. Kayla felt so much better in fact that she had her birthday cake and opened her presents. She has an aversion to peanut butter at he moment, but other than that she is back to 100%.

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