Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am currently trying to break Maddie of her thumb sucking habit. She has sucked her thumb red and the nail is thinned out at the base from being wet all of the time. It is not going as well I had hoped. It is hard to enforce a no thumb sucking rule when you can not leave the thumb behind, or just throw it away, never be seen again. I have been putting a sock on her hand at night, but she just takes the sock off when she needs a fix. During the day I am able to control it better and have bought some pacifiers, dummies, binkies, whatever you may call them to help with the day time, she does not like the pacifier, but if she is tired enough or I have worn her down I am able to get her to use it. It is a battle I have a feeling that she will win this one, but time will tell how long I am able to keep up the fight. Wish me luck...

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