Monday, December 8, 2008

The Wedding and Stillwater

We have made it back from Stillwater and everyone survived. It is official Madeline HATES her car seat. Every time I place her in it she wiggles and worms her to get out and one thing I never forget is the way a baby or any child for that matter can arch their back when they do not want to be buckled in. The others did pretty well on the long ride home, Nathan was over tired and therefore over cranky and argumentative. Kayla was great no complaints, took her nap and sat quietly with books, and coloring or the Leapfrog Leapster. Emily was great the entire time, minus the last hour, when she had, had ENOUGH!!
CONGRATULATIONS to Mark and Sharla on your wedding, it was a nice ceremony and we are excited for the both of you to start your new lives together. May you be blessed with a long and happy life together.
It was good to get back to Stillwater and see how much it had all changed, but stayed the same. On Friday we went up early and walked around campus and the old downtown. We did more window shopping than anything. Nathan and Kayla fed the geese and ducks while Emily ran in fear. Kayla fed the ducks from a safe distance~ in the bushes. The geese were not pushy, but the girls have been a bit apprehensive of animals since Baily. Paul spent Saturday in bed as he was not feeling very well from the night before (we went to the bars with his brothers). Which meant that the kids were allowed to watch TV, thank goodness there was the Disney channel. The hotel had little yellow duckies in the bathroom of the rooms and Emily collected ours and the one from Paul's parent's room and she did not want to share, nor did she let them out of her sight for very long. After the wedding on Saturday we just hung around in the hotel and ordered pizza for dinner, than it was church on Sunday and we were off to Houston. A quick trip, but well worth it.

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