Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan

It was 6 years ago that Nathan was getting ready to make his appearance, IV's in place, monitors on, my uterus contracting and feeling as though my insides were being squeezed until they screamed out in pain. Once that was over, it would start over again!! Oh but you forget the pain. I can't believe that it has been SIX years since Nathan was born, hard to believe!! This morning Nathan started the day with opening one of his presents and he chose the one that was "the strange shape" which turned out to be a transformer. He enjoyed trying to transform it, however, soon gave up and returned it back to it's airplane form and off to school we went 24 cupcakes 4 kids and all!! This afternoon the neighborhood boys Jake and JT came over to make personal pizzas, play and have cake. It was a simple birthday, but they had a good time just playing and I think The simpler birthdays are the better ones. Who needs 20 birthday presents anyway!!

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  1. Are you doing some cake decorating, Karen? I just started getitng into it a little bit. I've made a couple of cakes. One of them turned out good. The other was a bit of a disaster. lol