Monday, December 1, 2008


Well Thanksgiving was a good break. Short, but good to get away from the house and the daily reminders of everything I still need to do. We ate too much and had a good time with the family, there were tea parties, bocce, and numerous other fun games. Emily and Kayla wished that Uncle David had left Baily somewhere else, but Nathan enjoyed being chased all over the back yard by Baily. We went dress shopping for my sister, she will be getting married next November. We went to 1 store and she tried on about 8-10 dresses, tried on the last one and it was "it". She did not want to go shopping around, did not want to look at any other stores, she was done. When the woman rang up her total at the register, she had included the vail, tiara, and slip, my sister wanted the shoes and the dress, that was it. You have to watch those sales people they are sneaky!! After that it was home to eat lots of yummy appetizer food and watch the OSU vs. OU game. Unfortunately OSU lost, but they tried. On the card ride home Nathan drew a picture of a football player and asked who had won the game, when I told him OU he said nothing but went back to his drawing and added a little OU in the corner. Too cute!! Next Thursday we get to drive back to Oklahoma again, HOORAY!!!

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  1. Aww! Look at how much fun they had with those leaves! Too cute!

    It was good seeing your mom too. Looks like she's doing great.