Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dedicated To Shannon

Here are a few pictures of cousin Shannon from the weekend of the wedding!! Thanks for being our family paparazzi, you are great and I had a lot of fun with you and laughing at you!! I look forward to getting a copy of your pictures!! WE LOVE YOU!!
Shannon began the weekend by dancing the chicken dance with the groom.
The next morning she decided to go for a swim, once realizing that she had no swim suit she borrowed miscellaneous bits of clothing from family members and proved once more why we love her!! At the wedding reception she posed for a few shots with family members and was quick to jump on the dance floor... Shannon being the nature lover and always willing/wanting to save endangered species, she did not hesitate to “save a horse”…..

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  1. Love all the wedding pictures and that made my night...thank you! laughed out loud when I looked at them and couldn't help but smile and wish we were all back together again. Miss u guys big time and almost have the pictures finished. GO ME :) love u all