Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tis the Season...

The end to yet another weekend. Nathan has already started screaming about not wanting to go to school and Kayla chimes in right behind him. Today has just been a quiet and lazy day in Spain, we went to church then came home and had a BIG breakfast. The girls are napping and Nathan and Paul are running around playing cowboys, Paul is the “baddie”. Yesterday we put up the Christmas tree and Nathan and Kayla hung the ornaments and Paul and I had to go in behind them and put some of them a bit higher up. Otherwise all of the ornaments would be from 4 feet and down on the tree with no ornaments on the top half. It was fun. Paul made them hot cider and played Christmas music. Then it was dinner at he Grundmeier’s and Nathan had a BLAST running around in their yard and "accidently" throwing the ball over the fence so he would have to chase after it. He could not wait to go back and play some more!!

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