Thursday, December 6, 2007

Spanish Holiday

Today is another Spanish holiday as is Saturday. Paul is off work and we are enjoying the day at home relaxing with each other. This morning I went with Ruth (just the two of us) into Gibraltar to look for something “formal” to wear to Paul’s Christmas party with work. Once we finished up there we had a nice lunch of a Club sandwich with chips (fries) and ten it was time to return to the house and the kids!! After the girls naps we went to the pirate ship park where the kids had a blast playing and Kayla had fun on the swing. She was acting a little whiny, not to abnormal for Kayla, and said she wanted her daddy, so I sent her over to him and about 20 seconds upon arrival she threw up on him, and the ground. It really was not funny, however, Nathan then came over to check on the situation and proceeded to give us the details of what was in her vomit…”There’s hot dog, carrots, cucumber…” that part WAS funny. After the park we decided to check the garden centers and see if they had Christmas trees for sale and if they were open. Fortunately for us they were open and they did have Christmas trees. We drove into San Enrique where we found a garden center that not only had Christmas trees, but they were only 15 Euros!! HOORAY!!! We bought our Christmas tree and brought it home. Where Paul had to do some work on the base of it, you see in Spain they sell you the tree with the root ball and dirt still attached!! Paul had to knock off the dirt and saw a bit of the root ball off. It was a bit of work for him as he only has a little hack saw that was a bit wobbly as he tried to saw. Once that was done he put it in water and set it aside until Saturday when we will hopefully get it decorated!!

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