Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nesting Bald Eagle

    Yesterday I was looking at the news and saw that there are a pair of bald eagles nesting not too far from us.  So todays excursion was to go for a hike to find the nesting eagles.  It was not too long of a hike, but there were a lot of stairs and it required a lot of uphill hiking.  The kids did great on the way down, but were a little whiny on the way up.  I can't blame them!  We got to see the nest and there was one eagle sitting on the nest.  There are 3 eaglets that they are sitting on, but we could only see the one eagle.  We did get to see another iceberg, but not too much else.  It was fun to see an eagle nesting in the wild.  So many firsts...

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