Sunday, May 4, 2014


    Today we went in search of icebergs.  I have been told this is iceberg season and we should be getting a lot of icebergs this year.  We drove up the coast abut 45 minutes to Cape St Francis where we saw about 10 icebergs, some were pretty far away and the kids climbed the cliffs to get a better look out.  There were quite a few icebergs close by that we could see.  After Cape St Francis we drove down the coast to the fishing village of Flatrock where we walked out to edge of the cliffs and had a snack.  Flatrock had a lot BIG boulders the girls liked to climb on and Nathan liked investigating the rocks for any neat rocks or animals (dead or alive).  I have been enjoying looking up where the icebergs are at and chasing down the ones that are not too far away.  Looking forward to when the whales come through!
this was taken from Signal Hill earlier in the week

Look to the left of the iceberg and you can see a boat

zoomed in on the boat

Village of Flatrock behind the kids

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