Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy 34th!!

Today is Paul's birthday and he is a whopping 34 years old. For dinner he requested chili or lasagna and since it was not enough time for me to make lasagna I am making chili. Today is a cool gray and rainy day. Very much an English kind of day. The type of cake he wanted was a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Where this idea for a cake came from I am not sure, but that was his request so I set off to find a recipe. I found a recipe for both on the internet and when I was putting the frosting on the cake yesterday Kayla wanted to know, "Why is daddy's cake pink??" I then explained that daddy wanted a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and that is why it is pink, from the strawberry's in the frosting. It should be interesting as it is a cream cheese frosting with pureed strawberries mixed in. I think it should be good!!!

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