Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nathan's Last Soccer Game

Today was Nathan's last soccer game until next February. They played really well and Nathan was great!! He is a good player and really likes the game. The season coach was trying to teach them the positions and learn more of the rules, however he teaches ALL the kids (14) all of the positions. It was interesting to watch, but I think by the end the majority were starting to get it. Nathan seems to do well in the forward position however has trouble sticking to that position when he is suppose to be playing midfield. He gets going with the ball and there is no one to pass to so he would take the ball to the goal, unless stopped along the way. He does not like goalie or defense as they are "too boring". It was a good season and they played some tough teams, but they stayed positive and learned a lot this season. After the game they were given trophies and medals then there was cupcakes and pizza. Another season over...

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