Monday, September 27, 2010

Visit to Tulsa

This past weekend we took a little drive up to Tulsa for my nephew Owen's baptism. It was a good weekend and as always it is never exciting to think about the lack of sleep you will get or all of the time in the car, but once you are there and once it is over I am ALWAYS glad to make the trip!!! It was fun to see family and meet baby Owen he is a sweet little boy a little bit of reflux, and a noisy baby he grunts all of the time. I would not be able to sleep with him in the same room!!! ..but so sweet. The kids all loved him especially Maddie she laid down on the floor next to his bouncy seat so she could "watch" him. She is going to be a BIG help when this baby is born. My brother has a park right behind their house and the kids had a great time playing out there, Nathan went hunting, the bouncy castle was set up and was played on a lot!! Everyone enjoyed there time with family and it was good to see the cousins playing so well together. It was a great weekend, Thank You Katie and Dave!!!

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