Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Infirmary

Tuesday morning Maddie began to run a temperature, 102.6, and has kept it going throughout today. The school called me on Tuesday to ask that I come pick up Kayla because she has a temperature of 100.5, then on Tuesday evening, I noticed Emily started running a temperature, right around 100. I am just glad that they are all getting it at the same time over and done with, hopefully it will not drag out for days or weeks! Emily seems to be much better today and Kayla as well, no temperatures. Since Kayla was home I thought I would try to get her to do gymnastics with Emily's class. Thankfully Coach Sarah let her join in and Kayla had a blast. It was good and cut down on my driving around. Tomorrow Kayla will go back to school and life will hopefully return back to normal,depending on Maddie!!

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