Monday, April 12, 2010

and like a boomerang, she returns...

So this morning when I woke up Sally was nowhere to be found. Not in the house, not on the back porch, not in the front, nowhere. Kayla's response to this was "can we get a new cat?" My response was, "NO". Well, I had left the garage door cracked so she could crawl in. I was playing in the back yard with the girls and when we came in we were talking about "where could Sally be?" Emily said, "There she is!!" Sally had found her way home and was sitting on the living room floor. She is a little dirty and the perfectionist in me wants to give her a bath, but the rational side is telling me to wait a few days and she will get herself clean. On another note she chased a squirrel up the tree last Friday. While playing the back yard we left the back door open and Sally spied a squirrel eating the bird food off the ground and she was off like a shot. She chased it up the pine tree about 6-8 feet. When the momentum stopped and she realized where she was and the fact that she does not have front claws hit her, she could not hang on and down she went. I was surprised to see her up the tree in the first place.

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