Monday, January 4, 2010

Pre-Christmas Celebrations

Before we left for Christmas break the kids had some Christmas performances that we attended. Nathan’s was with the kindergarten through the 4th grades and they sang songs in the church. There were a lot of people there but we were fortunate enough to find a place to sit and listen to it all. Nathan was a little reserved in his performance, but when it came time to sing “Go tell it on the Mountain”, he was having a good time. After the show they had cookies and punch in the parish hall and it was PACKED!! Kayla’s class had a live nativity, children were dressed up as Mary Joseph, a cow and most were angels. They sang Christmas Carols and it was a nice performance. Then with Nathan’s Boy Scout troop they sang Christmas Carols at the nursing home and then we went back to the gym where we had a Christmas party and the kids could sit on Santa’s lap and get a gift. Emily and Maddie wanted NOTHING to do with Santa, but Nathan and Kayla (with some help) sat on his lap. Nathan was given his pine wood derby car and Kayla was given a Christmas coloring book.

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