Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dirt, Birthday Party, and Cards

The dirt is here!!! Yesterday Paul’s dirt arrived we had a mound of delivered to the street Friday evening. This meant that today was spent moving this dirt from the front to the back yard. Everyone pitched in to help, Nathan, Kayla, Emily, Maddie and me!! For a while it was me filling the wheel barrow while Paul hauled it to the back yard. The kids would fill Kayla’s gardening bucket and wheel that to the back. It was too sweet and a lot of fun out their together hauling dirt!!
Once we finished that it was time hurry and clean the street level off the dirt in the garden walls and take baths before going to a birthday party. Nathan had a birthday party for one of the boys in his Scout Troup. It was a t an indoor bouncy play area. The kids had a blast playing, although Kayla was slow to warm to the idea, once I forced her to come play with Emily and I she had a blast.
After the birthday party we came home to finish dinner and tidying up the house for our friends Mr. and Mrs. Grundmeier came over for dinner and cards. It was a good night and reminded me of the good times we had in England and Spain staying up to the wee hours of morning playing cards.

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