Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today was spent at the Science museum. It was so much nicer than I remembered it. There was so much for the kids to do, a lot of hands on activities. We were there for about 4 hours and I do not think we saw it all. We did the explosion show, the scientist does a show where he uses chemistry to show how chemicals react together to cause an explosion. The show is fun and the kids, I think, enjoyed it. Kayla was scared at the beginning, but once she calmed down and actually watched and listened to what was going on she was fine. There was a big tree house the has a Archimedes’ slide, it is about 2 stories tall and shaped like a screw, very tight turns. When I got to the bottom of it I was a little dizzy. Nathan had a good time going down that over and over again. It was a good day out, I think my dad was a little bored by the end of it, but it was nice to have a day out with Gram and Pop.

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