Friday, September 18, 2009

soccer season

Well it has begun. Nathan's fall soccer season has started. Nathan is very excited and he has a good time playing soccer. I am glad that he has found something that he enjoys and is good at. He runs all over the field and has fun. He has also started Boy Scouts, he is a Tiger this year and seems to be pretty excited about that as well. The only thing I am not excited about Boy Scouts is, is that it will be 3 times a month on Thursday, the same day he has soccer and at 7PM. This means that he does not get home until 8:30-9Pm. He will be fine and we will all survive. Nathan is busy with activities, now I just have to get Kayla into something, maybe dance??

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  1. Oh boy, busyness! We always kind of dreaded the rush of Mondays in VA because it was scout night, but now with school during the day, and with kids doing things on different nights, every night is a rush. So we're learning a different routine. Glad Nathan enjoyed soccer.