Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today while I was mowing the grass I looked and saw this skinny snake slithering through the grass. I must have stirred it up with the mower. It slithered under a rock to hide from me. Well, I kept going about my job thinking should I, or shouldn't I?? Well, I did!! I got Nathan's butterfly net and set to work to capture the snake. It was a fast little thing but I managed to catch it and put it in Nathan's bug habitat. it is sitting there and when the kids come home from school I will show it to Nathan and Kayla and I will be the coolest mom in town. After I captured it I decided to see if it was venomous or not. From what I have found, it is a Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake and it is not, but I am forever skeptical and will not take any chances. We will feed it a cricket and a grasshopper, that was captured from yesterday and watch to see if it is hungry.
We did feed it the grasshopper and cricket, but it did not eat them. After dinner we released it back where I had found it and watched it slither into the grass and disappear, try as they may the kids were unable to find it and it was gone.


  1. Nathan looks a little concerned in that picture, like he can't believe it!

    Beautiful bougainvillea!