Thursday, June 11, 2009


We had some aphids on one of the hibiscus plants and I thought for fun I would buy some lady bugs to release and let them eat the aphids. So, last night we released them onto the plants. The kids had a blast watching them crawl out of the bag and fly around. There were far too many (2000 in a little bag) to put on just one plant so we took them to the front flower bed and released them. They were everywhere, crawling up my arm, in the girls hair, under our feet, and one even flew into Nathan's mouth. They had fun and when we checked this morning the lady bugs are still there!! Crawling all over the flowers. The next science project will be to buy some caterpillars and watch them change into butterflies.
The Next Morning...
Nathan collected some for his bug habitat, they were still eating this morning.
The last lady bug on the hibiscus (it did not help that Nathan pulled all of the flowers from the plant to feed his ladybugs in the bug habitat.
Kayla keeps watch as we release them back to the wild

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  1. We hatched about 250 praying mantises last month. THey were really cool until they started eating each other, so we let them go in the back yard. Lots of mosquitoes for them to feast on!