Tuesday, June 9, 2009

charity case??

OK, I am really not trying to brag, but my kids are able to get more free stuff not necessarily good stuff, but stuff!! It is crazy. A few months ago at the Houston Rodeo Emily was suppose to pick put 1 thing from the play general store to keep and she left with 4 things all because the woman working was afraid to make her cry!! When we were in OKC we stopped in a Hallmark, they were give a Webkinz, one each, even Maddie, that is four Webkinz. Then Paul's mom took Kayla and Emily to a thrift store and they were given two beanie babies, that makes 4 Webkinz and 2 beanie babies, Then this past weekend we were at an antique shop and the owner was letting them play with some bracelets (not old) and they were putting them back but Kayla was saying, not whining or throwing a fit, just VERY quietly saying she would like to have the bracelet. I told her that we were not going to buy the bracelet and she has plenty of bracelets at home, the lady looked at Kayla and asked her, "do you want that bracelet??" She quietly shook her head, "yes" and the woman gave it to her. Paul and I were teasing that we should try to get them to want a table or a dresser, why do they have to want stuffed animals and bracelets.

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