Monday, September 22, 2008

Gram and Pop

Gram and Pop Cook were here fro a quick visit and to to be here to help celebrate Madeline's baptism. They arrived on Friday around 4PM and after fighting traffic we made it safely home. The kids were excited to see them and had a great time playing. It was a nice visit and we all survived even with no AC (or electricity for that matter). Saturday we went to CiCi'sfor the pizza buffet, where Nathan discovered the joy of dessert pizza. Then it was time for the daily trip to the grocery store for ice and whatever you wanted for dinner. We found as parking space and all went in but me and Maddie as it was her lunch time. The store was packed with people and everyone had their 1-6 bags of ice to take home and "refrigerate" their food. I was told there was little to no meat and there was only one option for Mayonnaise. I thought it was because of people buying things to restock their refrigerators, but later found out that the store was running on a generator and that is why they had limited amounts of refrigerated/frozen foods. Upon returning home Emily took her nap and afterwards the kids played in the water to cool off. Sunday was spent hanging around the house and trying to stay cool. Madeline was baptised at 2:30 in the afternoon and we went to eat afterwards. This was a great break from the heat of our home. After the baptism and a late lunch we came back to the house for cake and to play outside. Monday morning we sat on the front porch and stayed cool. The hummingbirds kept us entertained all weekend as they would chase each other around the house and try to dive bomb any other hummingbird that would try to drink from "their" feeder. It was a fun weekend, just sorry it was so short!!

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