Friday, August 29, 2014

1 Month Old!!

Luke is one month old and he is getting chunky.  His fingers and toes are no longer skinny, his thighs are getting thicker, he is loosing his newborn skinniness.  Luke is staying awake longer and his vision is getting better, he can see you at a close distance and will actual look at you for a few seconds.  His eyes will go cross eyed occasionally as he tries to focus on things.  The kids still enjoy holding Luke. Luke, however is getting less tolerant of the constant passing around and the flopping about they put him through.  Luke is getting too big for Maddie to hold and walk him around, which is sad as she LOVES her little brother and wants to hold him the most!  I have noticed her struggling to hold him as he slips out of her arms, he has not been dropped, but it is getting more difficult for her. 

Luke LOVES to "look" at his lions


  1. Sweet baby Luke! Wish I was there to fight over holding him! Love the new pictures. Let me hear from you if you ever get a couple of minutes to yourself...Ha! Like that ever happens, right?

  2. I love all your updates. I can't believe Luke is a month already. He is so handsome. I see that blonde hair and chubby, happy baby cheeks in the close up picture! I want to hold him too. Praying for your strength & energy to keep up with the demands. You're a great mom!