Sunday, April 13, 2014

River Walk

The weather is starting to warm up, it is not hot by any means, but warmer.  I will say this, I am typing this with a blanket wrapped around me and sitting by the fire...  There is a river that runs by the house and it has a trail that you can walk along the river.  We went for a walk this morning along the river.  We decided to see where it took us and how far we could go before the kids wore out.  The path still has a lot of snow on it and we would sink into some of the soft spots.  It made for some uneven footing.  At one spot in the trail was a bridge that went over the river, but you did not know that was the case because of all the snow, Paul stepped off of the bridge part and he sunk his entire leg into the snow, his foot never touched water, but it was a long drop.  We went past a little lake and the kids were excited to see the ducks.  Nathan had a good time naming the different types of ducks there are.  There was a large portion of the lake that is still frozen.  Along the path there was a park that we stopped at and let the kids play at for a while.  It will be nice when the snow is gone and we can walk without falling into soft pockets of snow and sinking! 

frozen lake

Male pintail


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  1. Hi Karen - I love seeing all these pictures! Maybe you'll get a good thaw by Easter! It looks beautiful! We miss you guys.