Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gone Sledding

       Today we took a break from working around the house to take the kids to Pippy Park and go sledding.  There was quite a few people there and kids were being taken out by sleds left and right.  It is one hill and the kids go up and down at will.  For the most part people are careful, but some of the older kids are not as careful and sometimes you can not always predict which direction your sled will go once you start down the hill.  Emily kept trying to miss kids but she kept going right at them and would tip over to avoid hitting them.

Kayla and Reagan

Nathan going over the hills

Kayla getting ready...

Paul and Nathan


Emily, with no obstacles (other kids)

Reagan with Emily, Reagan about to fall off.

Catching some air!

    After sledding we went for a "hike" around the lake.  The kids enjoyed the sledding and the walk however Maddie and Reagan were DONE halfway through the walk. There are a lot of people that go out for walks and take their dogs.  I am excited for the snow to melt so I can really see all the walking trails that I can take Reagan for walks on. 

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  1. That looks similar to sand surfing in the desert, but wearing more clothes! :-) It's so good to see all your smiles - thanks for the posts Karen!