Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Official....

I am not a dog person. We have been watching a neighbors dog, in our house, since Saturday and I am ready for Thursday! She is a good dog and well behaved, we have had to break some of her habits, jumping on the furniture. I am under the impression that she is treated more like a child than a dog and I am not that kind of person. She will follow me everywhere, and I am a solitary kind of person, not much for having a dog at my heals. That is why I like cats!! She is a Havanese, a little dog, kind of prissy. The past two night she has barked when we put her in her crate, thankfully she has a crate. Last night she started barking at 4 AM, then I had to get up with Reagan, so I was pretty much up at 4 this morning. Anyway just needed to vent, hello all!!

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