Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday to Remember...

February 14, 2011~ This was my 34th birthday, on Sunday the 13th Paul had a great day planned to celebrate, when I came home from Church ( I went alone since ALL the kids were sick and Paul and Nathan had gone Saturday night.) there was breakfast waiting!! Let me add that when I woke up this morning I was not feeling very well, just an achy feeling all over and NO energy. After a very nice breakfast I laid down Paul took the kids to the park and they played for a couple of hours. Then stopped by the bakery to pick up my yummy carrot cake! When Paul got back from the park I noticed Reagan who has been sick for about five days was really wheezing! After waiting too long because when your baby is wheezing you should not wait, I took her to the ER. She was then diagnosed with RSV and given lots of breathing treatments. She then started to eat (she barely ate on Saturday) and was sleeping. As an ICU nurse you see the worst case scenario all the time, so that is what I was expecting. After a few hours we were told we were going to be admitted, then told that the hospital we were at did not have a children's area and we would have to transfer hospitals. We rode in an ambulance, which was a first and spent the night in the hospital. We were released the next day and came home where we had to continue the breathing treatments.

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