Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The unpacking has made giant leaps, we have about 30 of the smaller boxes left to unpack, and the problem is that we don't really have anywhere to put the stuff!! We still have to go in search of office furniture, living room furniture and bedroom furniture. While my parents were her to watch the kids we tried to find furniture for the living room, but that was a bust. We had gone out to many furniture stores, and finally found the chairs and sofa we wanted, the salesman took us to the fabrics and we told him he could help his other customers while we looked at fabrics. After 45 minutes of looking at the fabrics he showed us we picked out the ones we liked. We have him paged back over to where we are and he starts to write up the order and looks at the fabrics and realizes that NONE of the ones we picked out were the right brand. So we sent him away again only to decide to leave. By this point we had been out at furniture stores since 9AM (it was 1PM) and I am exhausted and just want to go to bed. So another weekend!! The pregnancy seems to be going well; I have had a few Braxton hicks' contractions, but nothing to get excited about. The baby is an active little one and I am getting TIRED very easily now. I am looking for a day this weekend when I can sleep in and leave Paul with the kids for a day!! There is just so much to get done around here and shopping to be done that we are having trouble getting it all in!! Nathan has settled into the house VERY well and has enjoyed having the neighborhood kids to play with. He would stay outside all day if I let him playing. Kayla and Emily are doing well also. They enjoy following Nathan around and want to play the games that Nathan plays. Kayla wants to tag along with the boys and get in the way of what they are playing.Here are a few pictures of them playing around the house...
Giddy up horsey!!

Nathan has discovered marshmallows and not to eat them. Here he is with a "cactus" and a face with marshmallow eyes!!

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