Monday, March 17, 2008

What a week!!

This week has been a crazy one!! On Wednesday I had my 20 week ultrasound and the doctor thought he saw a cyst or something by the baby's thyroid or esophagus, he was not sure. So he sent us up to Malaga (an hour drive) to a special clinic that does only scans. Our appointment was set for 9:30AM on Thursday. This caused enough worry just dealing with the baby but then we had to find someone to watch the girls and to get Nathan to school. Fortunately a friend of ours was willing to take on the challenge of watching Kayla and Emily and a mother of one of Nathan's friends was able to take him to school. So we made it to the clinic a bout 10 minutes late, and had our scan. The doctor did a VERY thorough scan of the baby's neck and there was nothing there. We saw the baby swallow and its vocal chords move. They also do 3D imagery there which was fun to see the baby that way as well. That turned out to be fine and the baby seems to be healthy and growing as it should be.

Prior in the day before going to the doctor our internet router broke again. Yes, this is the second time within a year that we have broken a router for the internet. Fortunately on Friday a man came by and replaced the router, so we were back to the real world!! On Thursday as we were getting ready to go to bed, Paul went to check something on the computer and realized that he speakers do not work!! We tried them in a different socket and all sorts, but they are dead, so along with all of our other purchases when we get back to Houston we will have to hunt out a pair of speakers for the computer. To finish off the weekend on Saturday Nathan woke up at about 5AM screaming that his head hurt and then shortly after threw up. He spent the rest of the day in bed and only woke up to throw up and was asleep other than that. The day was quiet, and the girls had a good time playing with daddy and not having to share him with Nathan. On Sunday Nathan got up had a bath brushed his teeth and made it downstairs to watch some TV. About 30 minutes after lying down on the sofa he was a changed boy, running around and jumping all over the place. He did over due it during the day because by 6PM he was sound asleep and woke up long enough to get his PJ's on and go to bed. He is now fully recuperated and making me work harder than I would like to.

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