Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayla!!

Today is Kayla's 3rd Birthday!! Happy Birthday to her!! Yesterday she put on her apron and helped with the making of the birthday cake. She helped stir and get it all in the pan. Then both her and Nathan helped to "make" the frosting, and by "help make the frosting", I mean they looked for any chance to stick their fingers in the frosting to check if it was done. Today started out with Kayla opening her presents. Nathan was as excited, if not more excited than Kayla about opening her presents. He had to be reminded a few times about the fact that they were for Kayla and he could not open them with out her permission. Once the presents were open Kayla put on her ballerina/fairy costume and twirled all over the house. She enjoyed turning dad (Paul) into an array of different things and then turning him back to "dad" again. After lunch we had her cake, which Emily thoroughly enjoyed and was sticking her fingers in the frosting before the candle were even on the cake and then it was nap time. She received a lot of gifts and I know we will enjoy playing dress up with her baby dolls after her nap. Thank You to Gram and Pop Cook, Grandma Hellen and Grandpa Hellen for the gifts, she loves them and I am enjoying playing with them as well.

Baking the Cake

Mmmmm Necco wafers!! Gone Fishin'...

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