Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sunny Saturday!!

What a Day!! Today has been a sunny, warm day in the low 60's with blue skies for miles. This type of day is fairly normal in Spain this time of year. This morning we had pancakes for breakfast, this is Nathan's FAVORITE breakfast meal, well pancakes and french toast. I think it is really the syrup that he enjoys to eat and the pancake or french toast are just vehicles to get the syrup into his mouth. After breakfast it was playtime, then Kayla got her hair cut, not exactly a professional cut, but when I have to constantly tell her to look up, sit still, stop moving around, what can you expect. It turned out fine and since she is only 2, almost 3, she doesn't complain too much.
After the girls nap we headed out to the pirate ship park where we played for a bit then walked along the sea front looking fro sea shells, then back to the park area where we played with the soccer ball. Well, Nathan and Paul played with the soccer ball while Emily ran around chasing them trying to get it before they did. Now the kids are eating their dinner of popcorn, hot dogs, pasta, cucumber and carrots. We had to throw in the vegetable to give them a little bit of nutrition!! ...and that was our day in sunny southern Spain.

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